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How to Choose the Right Aquaponics Grow Bed

The grow bed is one of the main components of an aquaponics system, along with the fish tank and the water transfer system. It is the foundation of the aquaponics system and the place where plants are grown and nurtured.  The grow bed is also the largest component of an aquaponics system, so if you are planning …

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Benefits of Indoor Aquaponics

An indoor aquaponics system is a type of aquaponics system where the grower sets up a system indoors such as the basement, garage, kitchen, spare room, or inside the greenhouse. This system is perfect for those who are interested in growing their own food but don’t have the land or space necessary to do so. Indoor aquaponics lets you grow food and raise fish all year long right in your home or apartment.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Aquaponics Systems

Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming (aquaculture) and the growing of plants in the nutrient solution (hydroponics). Aquaponics is a recirculating system where fish are reared in a fish tank. The fish waste which is ammonia is converted into nitrates by the bacteria and become nutrients for the plant roots to absorb. The plant roots will filter the water before it returns to the fish tank for another cycle.

Ideal Water Parameters For Aquaponics

Fish raised in aquaponics systems require good quality water to grow healthy. This means that water parameters such as dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH must be within the ideal acceptable parameters. In this article, we will discuss the ideal water parameters in aquaponics and how to measure and fix water quality issues in your aquaponic system.